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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Keeping it Sequence SEXY is hard to pull off, when you DON'T know what your doing LOL. I have a few suggestions on how to pull of this daring look. First of all, you do NOT want to over do it, as you come off looking crazy! Therefore, Keep it simple as possible, if you can LOL!!
 love the glitz on this dress, reminds me of lea michele in the 'fashion' video. www.fashionsvideos.com
Sequenced top holographic bag-Rihanna
Classy, light but also casual chic spring outfit  for a party. IN ONE WORD: GORGEOUS!!!
fashforfashion -♛ STYLE INSPIRATIONS♛
Beautiful sequin dress paired with black tights = great New Year's Eve outfit!
Tempo da Delicadeza, if you ever feel like you need to be a fish.

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