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Thursday, June 20, 2013


Hey Badgals! I wanted to give you a picture on how I swag out to my fashion flavor LOL LOL!!! I've actually been meaning to start taking photos of myself and blog about my outfits, so you can see that I follow my OWN ADVICE !!! LOL LOL!!! And you want to know a secret??????? YOU DONT HAVE TO SPEND SOO MUCH TO LOOK FLY!!!! You can take what you see on the cat walk and just add your own spice!! Be original and be your true self NO MATTER WHAT!! IF you know what I mean! What you wear reflects your inner style! Period!!

My top= Zara

White Jeans = Guess

Shoes= Aldo


I love hearing comments from all of my badgals, if you have any futher questions at badgalchic1@gmail.com or DL@badgalchic on twitter

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